Terms Of Service

Please read our TOS carefully before commisioning*


We have one dog in the house, and hairs might get into materials. We vacuum clean everything before shipping, but hairs may still be present. If you are very allergic to dogs it might not be best to commission us.




PERMISSION We will not work with anyone younger than 18. If you are younger than 18 please ask your parents or guardian to complete the order for you.

SHIPPING Quotes do include shipping in the Netherlands. For worldwide shipping please state your location for an exact shipping price. It is possible to pick up your suit, please let us know! Shipping international (outside NL) is usually more expensive and may take up to weeks. Keep in mind of customs for your package when it enters your country (outside europe). We make sure we ship everything protected, is something did happen to it please contact me for more information.

REFUNDS If you would like a refund and the costume has not been started on, you can be refunded everything except the down payment. If the costume has been started on you will get a refund according to how much work has been done. When a suit is complete it can't be refunded anymore.


DEADLINES We do not accept deadlines. If you need your suit for an event, order way before that event. Suits mostly take about 2 months to make.





*We have the right to change the TOS any time we want